Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

1 medium-sized cauliflower,
1-1/2 pints of milk,
1 oz. of butter,
2 oz. of Allinson fine wheatmeal,
pepper and salt to taste, a little nutmeg, and the juice of a lemon. Prepare the cauliflower by washing and breaking it into pieces, keeping the flowers whole, and boil in 1-1/2 pints of water, adding the butter, nutmeg, and seasoning. When the cauliflower is quite tender add the milk, boil it up, and thicken the soup with the wheatmeal, which should first be smoothed with a little cold water. Lastly, add the lemon juice, and serve the soup with sippets of toast.

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  2. yummy!!! :)

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